How to Disable JavaScript in Tor

Guide to How to Disable JavaScript in Tor – The Tor network is a system that allows users to access the Internet anonymously. This free technology is also refer to as “The Onion Router” because of its inner layers, which are like the layers of an onion. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for some people to understand this specific aspect first hand. However, their effectiveness does not make them any less important for day-to-day internet use. And therefore we wanted to provide some general information about the Tor network and the role it plays in our lives.

Why is it require to disable JavaScript in the Tor Browser?

JavaScript was require to cast a spell on the Tor browser in 2013. As the discovery of its vulnerability to JavaScript caused it to enter tiny, minuscule tranches. With session details possessed by the attacker/witchcraft, the user’s profile information was revealed as well. A backdoor provided by JavaScript accesses seemingly private browsing data at will.

How to turn off JavaScript?

To Disable the Javascript in Tor Browser Follow the Given Steps

Step01: Open the tor browser by clicking on its icon.
Step02: Search for Menu setting and simply go to the top right corner of the browser and open the “Option” tab.


Step 03: When the settings tab gets opened, click on the “Settings and Privacy”. Option located on the left side and search for the Security option in the given options.

tor setting bar

Step 04: Now to turn off JavaScript, click on the “Safest” option and close the settings tab.

tor setting

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