Hooks in React

Who doesn’t enjoy one of the most wonderful and dynamic featured JavaScript libraries? React, also known as ReactJS, when it comes to web development? Today, we’ll learn about one of the most amazing features especially hooks in ReactJS version 16.8.

To keep it short, my mentors at my current organization introduced me to the wonderful world of React, and I’ve been obsess with learning as much as I can about it. React Hooks were, without a question, one of the most interesting things for me.

What are hooks in React?

Hooks were first implemented in React 16.8. They enable you to utilize state and other React features in a Functional Component, which is one of their most excellent and well-known features.

Hooks are methods that actually “hook into,” React state and lifecycle features from functional components.

How Hooks work?

Let’s define closure before we go into how React hooks function.

“While a function is able to remember and access its lexical scope even when it is operating beyond its lexical scope, that function is said to be closure.”

Hooks make things easier to understand by allowing you to utilize functions. Rather than moving between HOCs (Higher Order Components), Classes, and functions. You may utilize the built-in Hooks and develop your own unique one because Hooks are standard JavaScript functions.

Things to Remeber

  • Hooks always be call at the top level at all times.

This rule ensures that Hooks are call in the same order as they were define each time your component renders. (Keep in mind that you should never call the hooks from within nested functions or loops.)

  • Hooks will be invoke from React Functions at all times. Hooks can not be call from ordinary JavaScript functions. You can, instead,
  1. Call Hooks from React Function components.
  2. Call Hooks from custom Hooks.

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