Is Python Case Sensitive or Not?

is python case sensitive

Is Python case-sensitive or not? Because it distinguishes between identifiers like “Variable” and “variable”, Python is a case-sensitive language. In simple terms, it is concerned with uppercase and lowercase letters. Is fighting case-sensitive when dealing with identifiers? The correct answer …

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NPM Versioning Guide

NPM Versioning

NPM versioning Guide – NPM is an integral component of Node.js and the many packages available on NPM. Have hit their stride among several of today’s most prominent JS projects (not only the server but also client-side). With such widespread …

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PHP redirect 301 – code example

PHP redirect 301

HTTP 301 redirects are a popular method for taking website visitors and redirecting them to the homepage of another domain with the same or similar idea/content. This is not only more user-friendly but also helps increase search traffic and make …

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