Python Tuple [With Examples]

Python Tuple

Python Tuple is a data structure for storing a sequence of unchangeable Python objects. The tuple is similar to lists in that the value of the items placed in the list may be modified, however, the tuple is unchangeable and …

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Python List [With Examples]

Python list

Python list is used to hold the sequence of different types of data. Python lists are changeable, which means we can change their elements after they’ve been formed. However, Python has six data types that may be used to store …

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Weather App Using Django

Weather App

In this tutorial, we’ll use Django to build a weather app that displays the weather of the cities we’ve searched. It’s a simple Django project that shows beginners the fundamentals of the language. We’ll also get the data from the …

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How to install Django in Windows

install Django in Windows

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use PIP to install Django in Windows. After that, you’ll verify your installation, create a project, and start a Django development server. There are several web frameworks in the Python environment. The …

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Python Strings with Examples

Python Strings

In this article will talk about Python Strings. If you didn’t see our last article Python break, continue and pass Statements with Examples then click the link and know more about python. Python strings are a collection of characters contained in quotation …

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